Find out what events are coming up, and details of how you can get involved.


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The Types of Events you can Expect:

Driving Trials

These are our one day driving trials, with Dressage and Cones in the morning, and four (or six) Obstacles in the afternoon.

Indoor/Outdoor Events

These follow a similar format to driving trials. However, are on a smaller scale with a 20x50m dressage arena and two obstacles, that are driven twice.

Fun Days

As the name suggests, these are all about FUN. Normally, they involve a pleasure drive, followed by games, such as “Driven Handy Pony”.

Pleasure Drives

Organized drives, often, with a stop at the pub for a snack and a drink. Allowing the horses the rest, and the people to chat. These can be enjoyed, ridden, on a bike, you don’t need a horse to join in.

Treasure/Scavenger Hunts

You are given directions for a nice drive, and some clues along the way. These are either for items you need to scavenge, or answers you need to find (e.g. house names). Fancy dress is encouraged.

Training Days

Top coaches, as well as experienced members of the club, give lessons. Even without a horse, you can learn by watching others. Training for grooms and stewards is offered, please check the schedules for more information.


Our events without horses, allowing everyone to come together as a community. Talks, meals, quiz nights, and bowling, are all included with fun and laughter being key.

If the above isn’t enough to keep you busy, there are more events hosted by our neighbouring clubs, including regional and national driving trials, showing, and drives. Throughout the winter, Indoor Driving offers a chance to compete.

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