Hi everybody!

Well, the season made a start with an evening get together at the Weavers Arms on 16th March. What a brilliant turnout and everyone enjoyed a good supper and catch up. Here’s hoping that this continues throughout the season!

Happy and safe driving!


Our first event is the training day on Easter Monday 18th April at Solihull Riding Club with Stuart Roberts BHSI, national judge and coach. At this moment in time, there is just one place remaining so if you are interested please contact Linda ASAP!

This will be followed by… an Indoor/Outdoor Trial – Bank Holiday Monday 2nd May at Solihull Riding Club

Entries will close on the Monday prior to the competition. The dressage test for all events this season is Pre-novice 2008 in 40m x 80m arena. Schedules are on the website and don’t forget your number holders!

Now! What about a super duper joint event?

This will be with the Wolverley DDC on Jubilee bank holiday Friday 3rd June 2022 at Solihull Riding Club. Special Jubilee rosettes are sponsored by Linda Wiggin. This event has been organised by Louise Wright and schedules will be out soon. All entries go to Linda Sprosen at the Wolverley.

Working parties for all events will be on the evening before the competition and yes, we need you and your help will be very much appreciated.

Emma Young is organising a training day at Hallaton on Sunday 17th July 2022 with Minta Winn. If you are interested in taking part in this, please contact Emma directly.

Our longest serving member of the club, Betty King, recently celebrated her 90th birthday on Friday 11th March with a surprise afternoon tea at the Weavers Arms.

After a schooner of celebratory sherry on arrival, Betty was on fine form. Bedecked by balloons, cards and many presents, she certainly didn’t run out of puff to blow out her candles. Betty was one of the funding members of WMDG and has some great tales to tell!

Left to right: Linda Wiggin, Fiona Bubb, Toby Wright, Jeanette Mills, Betty the Birthday Girl (front seated), Sue Randall-Wright, Ann Taylor, Vicki Parry, Mick Taylor (hiding behind Vicki), Carl Warrilow (front), Keith Grifiths (president), Christine Griffiths, Marian Gibson

Some serious stuff for a moment…it has come to our notice that, within our area, there seems to be some rather dubious driving practices going on (not by our members I hasten to add). In response to this, we have organised an Introduction to Driving Clinic which will be on Sunday 24th April 2022 at Moor Farm Riding Stables, Wall Hill Lane, Corley Moor from 4.30pm onwards.

In the absence of a BDS commissioner, I feel that it is up to our club to take the initiative in this matter and help people and their horses stay safe. If any members would like to come along and help, please contact Linda.

Ukraine – I am sure that everyone has been following the news about the vast humanitarian crisis. Along with this, the Ukrainian Equestrian Federation have put out a plea for feed, bedding, etc for horses and their carers caught up in this dreadful conflict.

The British Equestrian Federation along with many of the major equestrian charities in the UK have come together to form British Equestrians for Ukraine. At our meeting on 6th April, it was voted that the club should send a donation of £100 initially then review how we can raise more funds for this cause. We will keep you all updated and any ideas will be much appreciated! If you wish to make your own donation please use this link. https://www.britishequestrian.org.uk/news/british-equestrians-for-ukraine-launched-to-aid-developing-equine-crisis

It is hoped that we will be able to have a social event in July, possibly a beer and skittles, if a suitable venue can be found so please keep an eye out for this extra date in your diary!

And please… let the editor know of your news and results because it makes the newsletter so much more interesting to know what you’ve all been up to! It doesn’t have to be a competition result, anything – such as…

Linda and Fiona are taking part in the Fell Pony Society centenary year ‘100 miles on a fell pony’ challenge. This started back in January and despite losing some ground because of the bad weather, we’re not fa off completing it. All hacking, driving, schooling, long reining etc counts towards the 100 miles and quite a few fell pony owners have already completed it.

Next club meeting is Wednesday 1st June – this may be at the Weavers Arms or due to the inconvenience of the diversion from Meriden, we may consider using Zoom or Microsoft Teams. By our September meeting the road should be re-opened.

Useful links:

British Carriage Driving: https://www.britishcarriagedriving.co.uk

Wolverley & DDC: http://www.worcestershirecarriagedriving.co.uk

Midlands Carriage Driving: https://midlandscarriagedriving.co.uk

Want to find out more…

Find us on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/WestMidlandsDriving/

Drop us an email here at: westmidlandsdrivinggroup@gmail.com



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